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Rangitoto Kindergarten
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Welcome to Rangitoto Kindergarten

Rangitoto Kindergarten is an integral part of the local Mairangi Bay community on the North Shore.

We believe Rangitoto is very much about community partnership and collaboration. We are extremely fortunate with all the support we receive from parents and whanau.

Our Philosophy

Our kindergarten is very much about setting provocations for children. This includes:

* Listening to children’s ideas, supporting them and providing exciting challenges as they develop working theories about the world around them.

* Friendship and collaboration with peers and teachers provides a social framework for children.

* Fostering positive relationships, a sense of belonging and sharing experiences for shared learning.

* Kindergarten should be a happy experience where children have the opportunity to be children, to have fun, and enjoy the experience of early childhood education.

* Children are engaged and have the ability to explore the world around them.

* Learning is planned with the holistic development of children in mind – each child relates to the programme in their own unique way. Teachers and children support each other – there is mutual respect.

* Children are passionate about subjects they know about and have an inherent interest in sharing and this often becomes a focus within the programme.

* There is a family/whanau rich environment that works alongside children, teachers and the community. Parents support and assist children to extend learning experiences.

* Teachers care and are committed. They are supportive emotionally of children; affection and humour is shared (and reciprocated).