Sustainability with Enviroschools

Kaitiaki Kindergartens has been proudly associated with the Toimata Foundation Enviroschools programme since 2014.
Enviroschools is a programme that has been running in Aotearoa since 1993. The Toimata Foundation works in partnership with Auckland Council to support schools and early childhood centres to work towards “creating a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world through people teaching and learning together”.
Participating Centres
Connect with your Kids Online

Storypark is a password-protected private space for children, teachers and families to share stories, photos and videos with each other.

In other words you can see, learn and experience more of your child’s day from anywhere!

Storypark Info
Earthquake Safety

We use Turtle Safe; an educational DVD developed specifically to teach preschool children what to do if they are inside or outdoors when an earthquake occurs.

We also encourage teachers to hold several practice drills with the children so they are familiar with the drill.