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Welcome to Torbay Kindergarten - Nurturing a Lifelong Passion for Discovery and Learning

Torbay Kindergarten is the oldest kindergarten in the East Coast Bays, officially opening on Saturday 31st May 1969. However, it started long before then… In 1947 a private kindergarten was started in the new hall by Miss Wiseman and her sister, Miss Enid, as a helper. After much fundraising the site and building that is Torbay Kindergarten today was built.

We welcome you to browse our site or come into our kindergarten and have a look around, meet the teachers and enjoy our warm and friendly environment.

About Us

Our curriculum reflects the principles of Te Whariki and our commitment to creating and maintaining a unique bi-cultural, sustainable environment that reflects Aotearoa New Zealand.

We provide a welcoming, safe, caring and fun environment where learning, play and extending children’s strengths and interests are promoted.

Exploration of the natural environment encourages children’s imagination, independence, creativity and respect.

We build positive partnerships with whānau through effective communication and foster a sense of belonging and well-being for children and whānau.

All children are valued as individuals and supported in their unique learning journey. We focus on developing positive dispositions for life long learning.

We are facilitators, observers and provocateurs who provide opportunities and possibilities to extend children’s interests and promote best learning outcomes for children.

We are leaders in our learning community, acting as role models for citizenship by fostering respectful and reciprocal relationships where social competency is currency.

At Torbay Kindergarten we weave sustainable/environmental practice through all aspects of our programme.  This is reflected in our beach trips to Waiake Beach, our recycling and bokashi composting system, and our wonderful natural environment including our mud pit, earth kitchen and lazy river with rain water tanks.

Our children are surrounded by an environment that they treasure and this in turn nurtures a strong sense of belonging. They learn to respect their surroundings and are acquiring skills that will translate into sustainable lifelong habits.